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Hawkins Cheezies - 45g

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Hawkins Cheezies are an iconic Canadian snack that have been satisfying cheese lovers for decades. These crunchy, cheesy snacks are beloved for their bold and unmistakable flavour.

Each Cheezie is made from real aged cheddar cheese, which gives them a rich and savoury taste that's hard to resist. The snack is created by blending cornmeal with this delicious cheese mixture to create a uniquely textured, crunchy puff. They're then seasoned with just the right amount of salty cheesiness, resulting in a snack that's incredibly satisfying and flavourful. Hawkins Cheezies are known for their distinctive finger-like shape, and their satisfying crunch and cheesy goodness have made them a popular choice for snacking in Canada and beyond. Whether you're enjoying them as a movie night snack, a party treat, or a quick bite on the go, Hawkins Cheezies are sure to satisfy your cheese cravings with their delicious and unmistakable cheesy taste.
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