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Clearance Special - Slush Puppie Strawberry Chewbies Bar - 30g **Best Before: 13 March 24**

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Slush Puppie, a name that evokes memories of frosty, vibrant drinks on sunny days, brings its iconic taste palette to the candy aisle with the Juicy Strawberry Flavour Mini Chews. This delightful confectionery offers a burst of the fresh and tangy taste of strawberries in a chewy, bite-sized treat. Each chew captures the essence of sun-ripened strawberries, ensuring a fruity experience with every bite.

The texture of these Mini Chews is soft yet satisfyingly chewy, providing a playful mouthfeel that pairs perfectly with the robust strawberry flavour. Presented in a vibrant packaging that mirrors the enthusiasm of the Slush Puppie brand, these chews are perfect for those who wish to have a taste of summer, no matter the season. Whether shared among friends or enjoyed solo, these Mini Chews promise a burst of Slush Puppie magic in candy form.

Product of the EU.
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