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Monster Energy Ultra Blue - 473ml [Canadian]

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Monster Energy Ultra Blue is a crisp and refreshing energy drink that delivers a boost of energy with a tantalizing berry flavour. This zero-sugar beverage combines the signature Monster energy blend with a delightful mix of berry flavours, offering a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. Ultra Blue is crafted to provide the energy you need without the added calories, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a healthier option.

Packaged in a sleek, vibrant blue can, Monster Energy Ultra Blue is perfect for on-the-go energy needs, whether you're preparing for a workout, tackling a busy day at work, or needing a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up. The light, refreshing berry flavour coupled with Monster's renowned energy blend ensures you stay energized and alert. Enjoy the invigorating taste of Ultra Blue and feel the enhanced performance and focus that comes with every sip.

Product of Canada.

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