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La Croix Grapefruit Sparkling Water 12fl.oz (355ml)

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Quench your thirst with the zesty and invigorating flavour of La Croix Grapefruit Sparkling Water. This sparkling water offers a delightful twist of citrusy refreshment that's perfect for those moments when you crave a fizzy and flavour-packed beverage.

With its crisp and natural grapefruit essence, La Croix Grapefruit Sparkling Water provides a burst of tangy and citrusy goodness without any added sugars or artificial flavours. It's a guilt-free and refreshing choice for staying hydrated and enjoying the effervescence of sparkling water. Whether you're sipping it on its own, using it as a mixer for cocktails, or pairing it with your favourite meals, La Croix Grapefruit Sparkling Water promises a flavourful journey that's as thirst-quenching as it is revitalizing. So, crack open a can, pop the top on a bottle, or sip from a glass, and let the sparkling citrusy goodness of La Croix Grapefruit Sparkling Water tantalize your taste buds with every fizzy sip!
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