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Kool-Aid Lemon-Lime Drink Mix - 0.13oz (3.6g)

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Kool-Aid Lemon-Lime Drink Mix is a refreshing beverage option that brings the zesty, vibrant flavours of lemons and limes into a sweet, enjoyable drink that can be appreciated by all ages. Its bright green colour and punchy citrus taste make it a popular choice for a variety of occasions, from children's parties to casual gatherings. The tantalizing mix of sweet and slightly tart creates a lively flavour profile that dances on the palate, providing a delightful, revitalizing drink experience.

Easy to make, Kool-Aid Lemon-Lime only necessitates the addition of water and your preferred sweetener to create a wonderfully refreshing drink in no time at all. It is versatile and can be utilized in various delightful treats like popsicles, gelatin desserts, and even inventive cocktails, offering a burst of citrus wherever it's used. It's a timeless, classic flavour that has been enjoyed for generations, offering a sweet, fruity refreshment that is both affordable and delicious.

Imported from the USA.
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