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Kool-Aid Grape Drink Mix - 0.14oz (3.9g)

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Kool Aid Grape Drink Mix is a quintessential flavour from the iconic Kool Aid line-up, offering a taste that has been cherished by generations. Synonymous with easy-to-make, vibrant beverages, Kool Aid's grape variant delivers a burst of fruity goodness that's both refreshing and nostalgic.

The deep purple hue, once mixed with water, serves as a vibrant visual prelude to the robust grape experience that awaits. With the first sip, taste buds are enveloped in a sweet and tangy symphony, reminiscent of plump, sun-ripened grapes. The flavour profile strikes a balance between the natural tartness of grapes and the sweet allure that Kool Aid is known for. Whether served cold on a hot summer day or as a base for playful mocktails and cocktails, the Kool Aid Grape Drink Mix promises a consistent and delightful grape escapade with every glass. It's more than just a beverage; it's a trip down memory lane for many, and a new adventure for others.

Imported from the USA.
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