Hot Tamales

Hot Tamales
Did you know? - Hot Tamales where the first cinnamon spice candy in the USA and have been in production for nearly 100 years, all that time and there still going strong.

Hot Tamales are the original hot and fierce cinnamon based candy that anyone who wants a strong kick of flavour will enjoy. These tiny red hard candy's will bring your taste buds to life with a delicious cinnamon taste experience you wont ever forget.

Hot Tamale Fire & Ice Theatre Box - 5oz (141g) Sweets and Candy Hot Tamales

Hot Tamale Fire & Ice Theatre Box - 5oz (141g)


You'll blow hot and cold with these chewy Hot Tamale Fire & Ice candies that come in Hot Cinnamon and Cool Mint flavours. Available in a handy theatre box - don't miss out!Imported from the USA....