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G FUEL - FaZe Jev Ragin' Gummy Fish (Gummy Fish Candy Flavour) Zero Sugar Energy Drink - 16fl.oz (473ml)

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Step into the world of gaming with the explosive flavor of G FUEL - FaZe Jev Ragin' Gummy Fish. This incredible energy drink flavor is a collaboration with FaZe Jev, a member of the renowned FaZe Clan. It not only captures the essence of your favorite gummy fish candies but also provides you with the energy and focus needed to excel in your gaming endeavors.

G FUEL - FaZe Jev Ragin' Gummy Fish brings together the sweet and tangy taste of gummy fish with a revitalizing twist. It's like enjoying the delectable experience of snacking on gummies while representing the FaZe Clan in your gaming adventures. Whether you're in the middle of an intense gaming session or simply seeking a delicious and invigorating beverage, this flavour promises a flavourful journey that's as explosive as it is satisfying. So, grab your controller, mix up a scoop, and let the Ragin' Gummy Fish fuel your gaming passion with FaZe Clan spirit in every sip

Imported from the USA.
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