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G FUEL - Blue Ice (Blue Raspberry Flavour) Zero Sugar Energy Drink - 16fl.oz (473ml)

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Journeying into the realm of icy refreshment, G FUEL's Blue Ice delivers a chilling thrill, both in essence and taste. Infused with the tantalizing tang of blue raspberry, this drink offers an exhilarating experience reminiscent of plunging into a glacier-fed pool, invigorating the senses and awakening the spirit.

Upon opening, the aroma hints at a bold burst of fruitiness, suggestive of the wild blue raspberries that inspire its profile. When consumed, the experience is multi-dimensional. First, there's the sharp, sweet tang of blue raspberry that sweeps across the palate. This is followed by a refreshing coolness, as if one is tasting the very essence of an Arctic breeze. It's a taste adventure that combines sweetness, tartness, and chill in one electrifying blend.

But G FUEL's Blue Ice isn't just about taste; it's about the energy and vitality synonymous with the brand. Tailored for gamers, athletes, and those seeking a boost, the Blue Raspberry flavour ensures that the uplift is not only physical but also sensory. Each sip promises a jolt of motivation, all wrapped up in the nostalgic embrace of a beloved flavour. G FUEL's Blue Ice stands as a beacon for those looking to elevate their routine with a touch of frosty flair.

  • 16 Oz. Carbonated Can
  • 300 Mg Caffeine
  • Zero Sugar + Zero Calories
  • S7™ Complex (Ketones)


Unlike other energy drinks which rely on loads of sugar to provide you with a false sense of energy, these don’t – Which means zero “crash”.


Caffeine is a natural stimulant consumed worldwide. The primary benefit is that of cognitive function stimulation - Essentially giving your mind a “jump start” when it needs it most.


G FUEL's addition of a focus amino provides you with a unique edge that most other drinks on the market cannot.


Just the right balance of antioxidants that work in tandem with our vitamin complex to promote healthy cell production.


G FUEL's formula contains the perfect combination and subtle ratio of Vitamins C + E + B12 + B6

Imported from the USA.

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