Did you know? - Franks hot sauce is made from some of the hottest ingredients known to man and is rated as one of the top selling hot sauces of all time.

Frank's sauce is known all over the world for its unique and spicy flavour, each drop provides an explosion of flavor and spice that is not for the faint hearted. Originally just a hot sauce, Franks has evolved into much more and their flavour range has expanded. Be sure to try out all the different flavors available and choose your favorite!

Frank's Red Hot Sauce 5oz (142g) Sauces & Condiments Frank's

Frank's Red Hot Sauce 5oz (142g)


The hot sauce with a surge of flavor. Original RedHot hot sauce is made with a premium blend of aged cayenne peppers that add a kick of heat and a whole lot of flavor to your favorite foods. It's a re...

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