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Sazon Goya Coriander & Annato Seasoning Jumbo Pack - 6.33oz (180g)

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Sazon Goya Coriander & Annatto Seasoning is a popular Latin American spice blend that adds a burst of flavour and vibrant colour to a wide range of dishes. This seasoning mix consists of ground coriander, annatto, cumin, garlic, and other spices and herbs, creating a versatile and aromatic blend that's used in various cuisines, especially in Caribbean and Latin American cooking.

The coriander provides a mild citrusy and earthy flavour, while the annatto imparts a warm and slightly sweet taste along with a deep red-orange hue, making it a distinctive feature of many Latin dishes. Sazon Goya Coriander & Annatto Seasoning is often used to season rice, soups, stews, meats, and poultry, giving them a delicious and authentic Latin American flavour profile.

With its convenient and flavourful nature, Sazon Goya Coriander & Annatto Seasoning is a staple in many Latin American kitchens, allowing cooks to effortlessly infuse their dishes with a unique blend of spices and the inviting aroma of coriander and annatto. Whether you're preparing traditional Latin American recipes or looking to experiment with new flavours in your cooking, this seasoning is a fantastic choice to elevate your culinary creations.

Imported from the USA.
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