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Kernel Season's Cheesy Caramel Corn Seasoning - 2.85oz (80g)

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Kernel Season's

Kernel Season's Cheesy Caramel Corn Seasoning - 2.85oz (80g)

Kernel Season's is America's #1 brand of popcorn seasoning. With real ingredients and a huge variety of flavours, it's easy to see why so many people love the fun and excitement Kernel Season's brings to their popcorn! Kernel Season’s wanted to share their hometown's unique and legendary mix of sweet, buttery caramel and savoury cheddar cheese with this seasoning. Sprinkle this on your next batch of popcorn and see what you think of this unusual flavour combination! Don't stop there though! You could use this seasoning on fries or anything else your heart desires! Get creative!

Imported from the USA.
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