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J&D’s Bacon Salt

J&D's Trifecta Seasoning & Rub - 3.75oz (106g)

Everything is just better in threes – that’s the rule of three. Which is why there are three little pigs, three stooges, and three-day weekends.
And now there are three great things (Bacon, Sriracha and Garlic) in one magical seasoning.

J&Ds Trifecta Seasoning & Rub is an all natural rub and all purpose seasoning that brings a spicy, tangy taste that is sure to amp your food game.

Aside from your basic seasoning of foods, it can also be used as a rub/seasoning for grilling. Its is popcorn, eggs, pizza, burgers, home-made potato chips, steak, chicken wings, fish & shellfish, rice and just about anything you can think of. 

Imported from the USA.
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