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J&D’s Bacon Salt

J&D's Malt Salt - 3oz (85g)

A new product from J&D's that doesn't taste like bacon? Preposterous! But the idea for Malt Salt - a malt vinegar flavored seasoning that added the flavour of malt vinegar to things like fish and chips without getting them soggy or cold - has been haunting J&D's for some time. Every time they got fish and chips, they got cold and soggy. Until one day, they decided to make a sample of Malt Salt... They tried it on fish and chips and hey ho - crispy and delicious! On peas and other veggies. Fantastic! On homemade potato chips. Unreal! Malt Salt just might be the red-headed stepchild of the royal bacon empire, but it was simply too good not to make!

Imported from the USA.
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