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Clearance Special - Kraft Sweet Honey BBQ Sauce BIG BOTTLE - 28oz (793g) **Best Before: END APRIL 2024**

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Kraft Sweet Honey BBQ Sauce, available in a large 28oz bottle, is a delightful variant of the classic barbecue sauce, offering a rich and enticing blend of flavours. This sauce combines the traditional tangy and smoky taste of barbecue with the natural sweetness of honey, creating a perfect balance that enhances the flavour of various dishes. The addition of honey not only adds a smooth, sweet dimension but also complements the spices and tomato base of the sauce, making it a hit with those who enjoy a slightly sweeter barbecue sauce.

This generously sized bottle is ideal for families and those who frequently enjoy barbecuing or cooking at home. Kraft Sweet Honey BBQ Sauce is incredibly versatile, great for glazing grilled meats like chicken, ribs, and burgers, as well as for use in marinades, dips, or as a flavourful addition to recipes that require a touch of sweetness and smokiness. The bottle is designed for easy use and storage, ensuring that the sauce is always ready to add a delicious twist to your meals. Whether you're grilling outdoors or spicing up a dish in the kitchen, Kraft Sweet Honey BBQ Sauce in the large 28oz bottle is a delectable choice for adding rich, honey-infused barbecue flavour to your cooking.
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