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Blair's Death Sauces - Pure Death 150ml

Blairs Death Sauces are legendary.  Pure Death is a blend of orange habaneros, Naga Jolokias, vinegar, and baked Hawaiian red salt making this version of our Death sauce the most natural thing ever....as well as your probable addiction to it.  Feel soooo Alive with Blair's Pure Death, and its universal flavor appeal. Of course you may want to use it on everything....and that might make you wonder how you ever ate without it!

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Did you know? - The Blair's Ultra Death Sauce is the hottest sauce in the range. 900 times hotter than a jalapeo chili, this sauce isn't to be taken lightly.

In 1989 a 19 year old bartender was working hard serving beers and wings to late night party goers when he discovered a unique and hidden passion. He wanted to create the worlds hottest hot sauces that would make the hairs stand up on even the toughest of hot food lovers. 20 years later and he succeeded. The Blair's Death Sauce range is featured in the Guiness Book of Records among the hottest edible foods in the entire world. These sauces are not for the faint hearted.

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