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Marconi Sport Peppers - 8oz (237ml)

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Marconi Sport Peppers are a piquant staple in the realm of condiments, particularly famed in the Chicago area for their integral role in the iconic Chicago-style hot dog. These small, green peppers pack a punch of heat and tanginess that enlivens the taste buds. Their crunchy texture and bright, vinegary bite make them an irresistible addition to any dish that calls for a spicy kick.

Sport Peppers by Marconi are not just limited to hot dogs; they are incredibly versatile. They can be chopped up and sprinkled over pizzas, tacos, and nachos to add a zesty flair, or even incorporated into marinades and salsas for a fiery twist. Their fiery zest works wonders in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, making Marconi Sport Peppers a must-have for those who appreciate a lively touch of heat in their culinary adventures.

Imported from the USA.
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