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Marconi Peperoncini - 8oz (237ml)

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Marconi Peperoncini are a delightful Italian pickled delicacy, adding a lively kick to any meal. These mild, tangy peppers are known for their bright yellow-green hue and their distinctive, slightly sweet heat. Immersed in a savoury brine, the peperoncini by Marconi achieve a perfect balance of flavours that tease the palate without overwhelming it.

Renowned for their versatility, Marconi Peperoncini can be enjoyed straight from the jar as a zesty snack, sliced into salads for a bit of piquancy, or tucked into sandwiches for an added layer of complexity. These peppers are also a popular antipasto, awakening the taste buds when served alongside cheeses and cured meats. Whether you're spicing up a homemade pizza or garnishing a classic Greek salad, Marconi Peperoncini are a delightful way to infuse meals with a uniquely Mediterranean warmth and vivacity.

Imported from the USA.
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