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Maruchan Picante Chicken flavour Ramen Noodles - 3oz (85g)

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Spice up your mealtime with Maruchan Picante Chicken Flavour Ramen Noodles. This instant ramen packs a flavourful punch with its zesty and spicy chicken seasoning, perfect for those who crave a bold and satisfying bowl of noodles.

Maruchan's Picante Chicken Flavour Ramen Noodles are incredibly convenient and quick to prepare, making them an ideal choice for a spicy and comforting meal on the go or at home. The noodles cook up in minutes, and the savoury broth infused with a kick of picante spice is sure to warm your taste buds and provide a satisfying culinary experience. Whether you're a spicy food enthusiast or simply in the mood for a flavourful and convenient meal, Maruchan Picante Chicken Flavour Ramen Noodles are the go-to option for a delicious and fiery ramen adventure. Get ready to enjoy a bowl of steaming, picante-infused goodness with each slurp.

Imported from the USA.

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