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Oreo Cookie Crumb - 1kg

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Oreo Cookie Crumb is a versatile and convenient product that consists of finely crushed Oreo cookies, including both the chocolate wafer and the creamy filling. This crumb mixture is perfect for a variety of culinary uses, such as a topping for ice cream, a base for pie crusts, a mix-in for milkshakes, or as a decorative sprinkle for desserts. The rich, chocolatey taste of the Oreo wafer combined with the sweet cream creates a delicious flavour that enhances any sweet dish.

Ideal for bakers, dessert enthusiasts, or anyone looking to add a creative twist to their treats, Oreo Cookie Crumb is a delightful way to incorporate the iconic Oreo flavour into various desserts and snacks. It offers the convenience of pre-crushed cookies, saving time and effort in the kitchen. Whether used as a crunchy topping or a flavourful ingredient, Oreo Cookie Crumb adds a delicious and recognisable Oreo taste to any dessert creation.

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