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Betty Crocker Reese's Cookie Mix - 337g [Canadian]

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Betty Crocker Reese's Cookie Mix is a delectable and convenient way to enjoy the beloved flavours of Reese's in a homemade cookie. This cookie mix combines the classic taste of Betty Crocker cookies with the irresistible combination of chocolate and peanut butter from Reese's, creating a treat that's perfect for any occasion. Ideal for parties, holiday baking, or simply as a delicious snack, this cookie mix brings the iconic Reese's flavour to your baking.

Preparation is quick and easy: simply add butter and an egg to the mix, stir, and bake. The result is a batch of soft, chewy cookies loaded with rich chocolate and creamy peanut butter, offering a delightful taste experience in every bite. Each cookie captures the essence of Reese's, making them a hit with both kids and adults alike. Betty Crocker Reese's Cookie Mix is a must-have for any baker looking to add a unique and delicious cookie to their repertoire, bringing the joy of homemade baking and the beloved flavour of Reese's to your kitchen with ease.

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