Corn Nuts

Corn Nuts
Did you know? - Corn Nuts were originally sold to bar owners as a snack to give away free to their customers. Corn Nuts were considered the perfect accompaniment to a nice cold beer!
Corn Nuts are the crunchy snack with a twist! Corn Nuts are made by soaking corn kernels in water for several days before frying them up until they are hard and crunchy. These popular savoury treats are then sprinkled with a ton of flavour and packaged up to keep the crunch in the bag. You won't find a snack quite as crunchy as Corn Nuts!
Corn Nuts Original 4oz (113g) Nuts & Seeds Corn Nuts

Corn Nuts Original 4oz (113g)


Enjoy this increasingly popular snack, as a healthier alternative to crisps or sweets, have a packet of Corn Nuts! They're low in fat and sugar! To make them extra special, they're made from a special...