Hostess Sweet Shop Brownies - M&M's - Twin Pack 3.03oz (86g)

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Hostess Sweet Shop Brownies - M&M's - Twin Pack 3.03oz (86g)

Hostess are one of the largest and well-known manufacturers of sweet goods in the United States! The brand’s history dates back to 1919, when the Hostess CupCake was introduced to the public, followed by Twinkies in 1930. Today, they're still developing new and delicious snack cakes to be enjoyed, and these Hostess M&M's brownies are a real treat. Dense, chewy brownie coated with a chocolate candy topping, filled throughout with M&M's minis milk chocolate candies - a chocolate lover's paradise! This twin pack contains two irresistible brownies.

Imported from the USA.

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Did you know? - Hostess most iconic cake the Twinkie was originally filled with banana but had to change to marshmallow cream due to a wartime shortage of bananas in world war 2.

Hostess is the number one cake brand in America, well known for there fluffy delicious cakes and other tasty baked goods. Hostess most popular product is the Twinkie, a fluffy golden cake with a creamy marshmallow center that's know across the globe in every country well known for its light but satisfying creamy taste.

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