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OREO Golden Double Stuf Cookies - 261g [Canadian]

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OREO Golden Double Stuf Cookies offer a delightful variation to the classic Oreo cookie by featuring golden, vanilla-flavored cookie wafers instead of the traditional chocolate ones. The “Double Stuf” signifies that these cookies are generously filled with twice the amount of the sweet, creamy white filling that Oreo is known for, making them an extra indulgent treat.

The light, buttery flavour of the golden wafers complements the sweet cream filling, providing a smooth and balanced taste that is different from the original but equally delicious. These cookies are a heavenly choice for those who love a creamy texture and the luxurious taste of vanilla. Whether enjoyed by themselves, paired with a glass of milk, or used in recipes, OREO Golden Double Stuf Cookies are sure to satisfy cravings for a sweet and creamy delight.
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