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Clearance Special - Tango Chewbies Orange - 30g **Best Before: 31 December 23**

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Clearance Special - Tango Chewbies Orange - 30g **Best Befor
**This item is listed in the Clearance zone and is discounted in price because it is near to or has passed its Best Before date. Please refer to the title to see the Best Before date of this specific item.**

Savor the tangy and refreshing flavor of Tango Chewbies Orange, a chewy candy that's like a burst of citrus sunshine in every bite. These delightful orange-flavored chewies offer a unique and zesty taste experience that's sure to tingle your taste buds.

Each Tango Chewbies Orange candy is a symphony of sweet and tart notes, capturing the essence of juicy oranges. Whether you're enjoying them as a quick treat, sharing them with friends, or simply seeking a citrusy escape, Tango Chewbies Orange promises a flavourful journey that's as vibrant and invigorating as biting into a ripe orange. So, unwrap one, take a chew, and let the zesty citrus bliss transport you to a world of orange-flavoured delight!
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