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Oreo Space Dunk Sandwich Cookies Snack Pack- 1.02oz (29g)

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Oreo SpaceDunk

The Oreo Space Dunk Sandwich Cookies Snack Pack takes the celestial adventure up a notch, offering a galaxy of flavours with its signature chocolate wafer cookies filled with two distinct layers of cosmic-flavoured creme, bursting with popping candy. This interstellar rendition of the beloved Oreo cookie transforms each bite into an exciting exploration of taste and texture, as the effervescent popping candy simulates the thrilling sensation of travelling through space. The dual layers of creme, each boasting a unique, cosmic-inspired flavour, envelop your palate in a nebula of sweetness, making this snack pack a must-try for adventurers and dreamers alike. Designed to captivate the imagination as much as the taste buds, these cookies invite you to embark on a flavour journey that's out of this world.

Encased in a handy two-cookie snack pack, these cosmic Oreos are perfect for space enthusiasts on the move, offering a convenient and mess-free way to enjoy a taste of the universe at any time, anywhere. The inclusion of popping candy in the creme not only adds a fun, interactive element to the snacking experience but also pays homage to the boundless curiosity and wonder that space evokes. Whether you're gazing at the stars, sharing a moment with a fellow space fan, or simply in need of a snack that's as extraordinary as the cosmos itself, the Oreo Space Dunk Sandwich Cookies with their cosmic flavoured creme and popping candy are your ticket to a culinary adventure beyond the ordinary, where every bite is an explosion of flavour and fun.

Imported from the USA.

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