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Pringles Buffalo Ranch - 156g [Canadian]

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Pringles Buffalo Ranch flavor is a mouthwatering and savory snack that combines the bold and spicy taste of buffalo sauce with the cool and creamy flavor of ranch dressing. These potato crisps offer a delightful balance of tangy, spicy, and creamy notes in every bite.

The buffalo ranch seasoning on Pringles creates a zesty and satisfying flavour experience, making them a popular choice for those who enjoy a bit of heat with a hint of coolness in their snacks. Each crisp is coated with this irresistible combination of flavours, ensuring a tasty and memorable snacking adventure.

Whether you're munching on them during game day, enjoying a movie night, or simply satisfying your craving for a bold and spicy snack, Pringles Buffalo Ranch crisps bring a dynamic and delicious taste to your snacking repertoire. They are a favourite choice for those who appreciate the exciting fusion of buffalo and ranch flavours.

Please note the following disclaimer regarding our Pringles: We cannot guarantee that the Pringles we sell will arrive in perfect condition, both inside and out. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, due changes in atmospheric pressure during shipping, some of our Pringles tubes arrive dented and/or creased due to being “sucked in”. Secondly, the space between the stack of Pringles crisps and the inner wall of the tube allows the stack to move around during transit, from overseas to our warehouse and then to you. As a result of this movement, some Pringles may crack or crumble, particularly at the top and bottom of the stack. If you require cosmetically perfect Pringles for gift purposes, we recommend that you do not purchase this product. We will not refund or replace any Pringles that are in the condition described above.

Product of Canada.

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