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Hostess Hickory Sticks - 65g [Canadian]

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Hostess Hickory Sticks are a savoury snack item, known for their unique texture and rich, smoky flavour. These thin, stick-shaped potato snacks are seasoned with a distinctive hickory smoke flavouring, giving them a bold and robust taste. The hickory seasoning imparts a taste reminiscent of barbecue and smoked wood, making these sticks a popular choice for those who enjoy hearty, smoky flavours in their snacks.

Hickory Sticks are noted for their crispy texture, which is a result of their thin and small size. They are often enjoyed as a standalone snack, perfect for those moments when you crave something savoury with a distinctive taste. The packaging typically features the Hostess brand logo and may highlight the hickory smoke flavour to distinguish it from other snack varieties. These sticks are a popular choice for gatherings, picnics, or as a flavourful accompaniment to a lunchbox, offering a delicious and crunchy alternative to traditional potato chips or crisps. For those seeking a snack with a unique texture and a rich, smoky flavour, Hostess Hickory Sticks present an enticing and satisfying option.

Product of Canada.
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