Canada Dry

Canada Dry
Did you know? - Canada Dry gained popularity during the prohibtion period in the United States at which time Canada Dry was used to cover the horrible tast of home made alcohols!
Canada Dry are known for their famous Ginger Ale. Made in 1904 by a Canadian chemist, the Canada Dry Ginger Ale brand has continued to grow and gained popularity across the world. Much like dry wines, the word "Dry" in the Canada Dry name refers to the drink not being sweet. At the time of creation the only form of Ginger Ale available to buy was much sweeter than Canada Dry.
Canada Dry Ginger Ale 12fl.oz (355ml) Soda and Drinks Canada Dry

Canada Dry Ginger Ale 12fl.oz (355ml)


First created in 1904 by Canadian pharmacist and chemist John McLaughlin, Canada Dry gained much of its popularity during Prohibition as a mixer. Its sweet flavor was the perfect mask for the home-bre...