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Clearance Special - Barr Pineappple - 330ml **Best Before: May 2024**

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**This item is listed in the Clearance zone and is discounted in price because it is near to or has passed its Best Before date. Please refer to the title to see the Best Before date of this specific item.**

Barr Pineapple is a fizzy, sweet soda that captures the tropical essence of ripe pineapple in a refreshing drink. Known for its vibrant flavor and thirst-quenching properties, this soda from Barr, a renowned Scottish soft drink manufacturer, offers a delightful taste experience that's both bold and exotic. The pineapple flavor is bright and authentic, providing a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness that makes it a popular choice among those who enjoy fruit-flavored beverages.

Ideal for hot summer days, parties, or as a cheerful pick-me-up, Barr Pineapple soda is versatile and can be enjoyed on its own or used as a mixer in cocktails to add a tropical twist. Its distinctive pineapple taste stands out, making it a refreshing alternative to traditional sodas. Whether you're a fan of pineapple or looking to explore different soda flavors, Barr Pineapple provides a delicious way to quench your thirst and transport your taste buds to a tropical paradise.

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